Server Rules

If you are against any of these rules, or would like to add new rules so that the game is fair for everyone, please contact Admin. Thanks

  • Completely destroying others bases is not allowed, but keep in mind it is a PVP server so bases may be raided and may be partly destroyed to get to the loot. (if two tribes have a war, and both parts a actively participating destroying bases is allowed)
  • killing tamed creatures is not allowed, unless they are on aggressive or neutral and are attacking you.
  • Bad language towards other players is not allowed
  • All language is allowed in the chat
  • Give new players a chance (dont raid players that have just stated playing)
  • No blockage of Obelisk (For equel oportunity, turrets may be places when one is fighting a boss temporary turrets may be placed to defend the Obelisk if needed)
  • No blockage of Caves with trophy (For equel oportunity)
  • Repeted raid of the same base is not allowed. give people at chance to recover before attacking again (;
  • Have fun, and remember to treat others as you wish to be treated